Android Anti Virus – VIPRE Mobile Security Premium

The essential security application for your Android mobile device.

VIPRE Mobile Security Premium brings top quality award winning anti virus technology to the smartphone and tablet market. VIPRE Mobile Security will help to protect your mobile Android based device from hackers, viruses, malicious software and data loss.

The Android platform has become the main target for mobile malware and viruses, so you should ensure you take full precautions by installing an antivirus application to keep your device safe.

Vipre Mobile Security for Android

VIPRE Mobile Security will protect your Android device from well over 20,000 known Android viruses and exploits.

Main feature overview of VIPRE Mobile Security for Android

  • Antivirus – Extensive antivirus features, scan for malicious apps or files.
  • Backup – Automatic secure online backup of your important data.
  • Lost Device – Find your Android device easily if you happen to loose it.
  • Mobile Activity Monitor – Keep track of where and how your mobile device has been used.
  • Privacy Explorer – Investigates apps on your phone to make sure your precious data is secure.

VIPRE Mobile Security


VIPRE Mobile Security Premium is an application you can download for free in the Google Play store which gives you real time scanning and scheduled antivirus scans for your Android device.

VIPRE Mobile Security Premium is similar to it’s desktop version in that it is lightweight on system resources but very powerful at the same time. VIPRE will detect and block any rogue software or malicious code that could possibly try to compromise your Android device.

VIPRE Mobile Security

Now you can rest assured that any banking or financial transactions carried out via your mobile are safe.

Anti-Virus is available in the free version which does have a very stripped back feature list compared to the Premium version.


VIPRE Mobile has a secure online backup service that will backup your Contacts, Pictures, Documents and Bookmarks.

Keep your valuable data safe and secure just in case you ever loose your smartphone or tablet.

VIPRE Mobile Security Premium  lets you back up your bookmarks

The Contacts backup feature is available in the free version, for all of the others you need the Premium upgrade to get access.

Lost Device

This feature really is a nice addition available to VIPRE Mobile Security Premium users, it helps you to locate your Android mobile device if it is lost or stolen.

It also has an alarm feature in case you misplace your phone at home, so you can login to the VIPRE Mobile website and make your phone sounds an alarm even if it’s on silent mode.

Vipre Mobile Security Premium Lost Device

You also have a lock function so your device can be locked to stop thieves getting access to your data. There is a wipe feature also so you can completely wipe the device of all data if you choose to ensure no ones accesses sensitive information.

Activity Monitor

Activity Monitor allows you to view exactly where and when your Android device has been used. From the VIPRE Mobile Security website you can follow an entire location history of your Android device over a specific time period.

It will also give you a complete history of all websites visited from your Android phone or tablet. There is a message history feature too which allows you to view your entire text message history via the VIPRE Mobile Security website.

Monitor Your Android Phone

And to top it off nicely there is a call history that will show all of the details of all incoming and outgoing calls made on your Android phone. Activity Monitoring capabilities are only available in the Premium version.

VIPRE Mobile Security Premium vs Free version

VIPRE Mobile Security Premium vs Free

The Benefits of using VIPRE Mobile Security Premium on your Android device

  • You can feel safe and secure knowing your device is protected from malware and hackers
  • Easily find your Android device if you do loose it at home or if it gets stolen
  • You can shop and make transactions on your device securely and without risk
  • You know you have all of your important data backed up online in case you loose your device
  • Monitor all activity on your device, this could be used to keep an eye on your kids
  • You can lock or wipe your VIPRE device in the event it does get stolen
  • Track your call and web browsing history via the VIPRE Mobile Security website
  • Safely enjoy your mobile lifestyle anywhere knowing your Android device is fully protected
  • Ensure your privacy is protected from prying apps by using Privacy Explorer


We are very familiar with VIPRE products and have been using them for years on our desktop and laptop computers, so we can definitely vouch for the quality of the VIPRE suite of products.

VIPRE Mobile Anti Virus Premium is a very solid contender for the Android security market, with a very intuitive looking interface. The fact they have a free version means you can try it before you decide to upgrade to Premium to get the full feature list enabled.

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