VIPRE Cyber Monday Sale

Huge VIPRE Security Anywhere Discount

In case you missed out on the VIPRE Black Friday sales, there’s another great discount lined up for Cyber Monday on December 1st 2014.

Cyber Monday VIPRE Security Aywhere

Save $100 on VIPRE Security Anywhere

You save $100 on the normal price for VIPRE Security Anywhere with this deal which is valid till 11.59pm on December 1st PST(Tuesday 2nd December at 6.59 PM AEDT)

This license protects 5 PCs and 5 Android tablets or smartphones for 2 years, this will surely be enough to protect the whole family.

All VIPRE products have a 30 day money back guarantee and free technical support included in the one low price.

Get VIPRE Security Anywhere Now

This deal is for 1 day only, so get your heavily discounted VIPRE Security Anywhere Now

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VIPRE Black Friday Sales

Epic Deals on VIPRE & VIPRE Internet Security

It’s Black Friday in the USA so as usual there are some incredible deals being offered on VIPRE Antivirus & VIPRE Internet Security.

VIPRE 2015

Both of these VIPRE deals are only available from Black Friday on the 28th November through until the 30th November.

VIPRE Anti Virus 2015 Deal

It would be hard to beat the pricing on this VIPRE Anti Virus deal, this is surely the best sale pricing all year. You can get VIPRE Antivirus 1PC for 1yr for just $9.99! Offer ends 30/11/14 at 11:59pm.

VIPRE Internet Security 2015 Deal

The VIPRE Internet Security 2015 deal is just as good, you can get VIPRE Internet Security 1PC for 1yr for just $14.99! Offer ends 30/11/14 at 11:59pm.

VIPRE Save big on security

Save Big On VIPRE Now

These deals are only valid for 2 days so move fast if you want to take advantage of them. Secure your digital life now with VIPRE.

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Which Social Media Platforms Suit Your Business

Which Platforms Should You Use?

Not every social media platform is perfectly suited to your business model, and many small businesses don’t have the time to manage multiple social media accounts.

This infographic from Quicksprout clearly explains which social media platforms you should leverage for your business based on actual real world data.

You could be wasting your precious time and resources on a particular channel that isn’t exactly ideal for your business type and customer base.

What Social Media Platforms Are Best Suited For Your Business
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

Which Platform Is Best For Your Business?

We find that Facebook, Google+ and Twitter work the best for us.

After taking a look at the statistics in the infographic which social media channel do you think best suits your business? Feel free to let us know in the comments below on this post, we would love to hear from you.

Try Hootsuite Social Media Management


Increase Your Revenue With Remarketing

Tips For Using Remarketing/Retargeting (Infographic)

Following up from our recent article What Is Retargeting, we just found this infographic by Quicksprout that goes over Remarketing and Retargeting techniques and offers a few tips.

Take particular notice of the sections in the infographic called ‘Tips For Your Remarketing Lists’ and ‘Remarketing Campaign Strategies’.

How to Effectively Use Remarketing to Increase Your Revenue
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout


Get Results With Remarketing

Using retargeting techniques to remarket to your website visitors is definitely one of the best ways to increase your conversion rate and revenue.

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Save 50% On VIPRE – Two Years Of Total Protection

Protect Your PC and Android Device With VIPRE

VIPRE have another great deal running currently on their two flagship products. This deal offers you a massive 50% saving when you purchase this bundle containing VIPRE Internet Security 2014 & VIPRE Mobile Security.

Save 50% On VIPRE
The normal price for 2 years of protection with these two products is $139.96, so you save half of that and get the whole lot for only $69.98. The promotion is valid until September 19th 2014, so you will need to get it before that date.

VIPRE Internet Security

Here at Byron bay Web Hosting we love VIPRE products and have been personally using them ever since they were first released many years ago.

VIPRE Internet Security
VIPRE Internet Security 2014 is the current version of their popular and robust anti virus, anti spyware and firewall software. It also includes online security, spam filtering, removable device scanning, anti rootkit technology, a history cleaner and an auto update software patching tool.

The auto update patching tool is probably one of our favourite features, it scans your computer regularly for any outdated software. It then locates any patches that are available if you do have outdated software and automatically applies them and updates all of your software – all with the click of one button.

VIPRE Mobile Security

VIPRE Mobile Security is their anti virus technology specifically designed to protect your Android Mobile devices. VIPRE Mobile Security will help to protect your mobile Android device from hackers, viruses, data loss, malicious software and malware.

Save on VIPRE Mobile Security
Generally speaking the Android OS is a bit more susceptible to hacking attempts than iOS, so it makes perfect sense to run a dedicated anti virus solution on your Android. We explained the features of VIPRE Mobile Security in this article Android Anti Virus.

Your Digital life Is Secure With VIPRE

With VIPRE Internet Security & VIPRE Mobile you can feel safer and be confident in knowing that your private data is protected.

VIPRE takes care of your digital life, save 50% with this VIPRE deal now.

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What Is Retargeting?

Heard of Retargeting but don’t know what it is?

Have you heard of the term Retargeting but aren’t quite sure what it actually means? Retargeting has been around for a while in the online marketing world, but it has gained in popularity over the last few years.

How Retargeting Works

There’s a very good reason for that too, retargeting converts very well compared to other kinds of online marketing campaigns.

We have been running retargeting campaigns for quite a while now on a few different platforms which I will explain below.

The click through rate and conversion rates are much better than normal display ad campaigns as you are specifically targeting people you know have already visited certain pages on your website.

Retargeting vs.Remarketing

Retargeting is usually a term used to describe display banner ads that are served to users who have visited your website.

Remarketing is basically the same thing but usually there is email involved – for example the personalised emails Amazon sends you after visiting their website if you already have an Amazon account.

Remarketing vs Retargeting

Remarketing is also used to target people who have abandoned a shopping cart with items already in it. You’ve most likely had one of these kinds of emails, reminding you to go back and complete your purchase a few days after putting it in your cart and leaving.

Just to make things confusing, Google refers to its retargeting tools as remarketing tools.

How Retargeting works

There are a few different ways to set up retargeting/remarketing campaigns, some ways are a bit more tricky than others. Basically you need some retargeting JavaScript code to be added to your web pages.

Then once users visit your website or certain pages on your site, a tracking cookie is placed on their computer. This tracking cookie allows the retargeting advertising platforms to identify you and then serve you ads based on what websites/web pages you have previously visited.

Remarketing vs Retargeting

You can get quite granular with retargeting, for example having specific retargeting code on each product page. This allows you to then follow people around the Internet with ads showing the exact product they looked at on your site.

You can also target certain sections of your website, or all of your websites traffic – but this way isn’t exactly ideal.

Retargeting also allows you to filter out users who have successfully made a purchase on your website, or completed another conversion goal.

Different Types of Retargeting

There are a number of different retargeting platforms available, I’ll explain the ones that we use and have had great results with. The most well known platforms on the market currently are AdRoll and Perfect Audience.

You can also retarget with Google AdWords and you can create remarketing audience lists in Google Analytics that then can be used by AdWords campaigns.

Using Google Analytics Remarketing Lists

This is one of the easiest ways to setup retargeting. You just need a Google Analytics account that is linked to your Google AdWords account to be able to take advantage of Analytics Remarketing Audiences.

Remarketing vs Retargeting

Doing it this way saves you having to add different code to each page or section of your whole site like you would with AdWords remarketing code. You will need to be using the version of the Analytics tracking code that has display network support.

You will also need to add some information to your privacy policy page to let users know you are tracking them.

Then you can simply create an audience from either all of your traffic, a specific section of your site, specific pages, users who have completed certain goals, or create a custom segment of users who have met a set of criteria that you define.

A custom segment could consist of anyone who visited a number of different pages on your website that center around the same topic.

There are also many other ways to refine your audiences, you can choose demographics, technologies(device, browser etc), behavior and traffic source.

You also have the option to choose how long users are a member of the audience list after they initially visit your site.

Remarketing with Google AdWords

The easiest way to do retargeting using Google AdWords is to set up display campaigns that target remarketing audiences you have already created in your linked Google Anaytics account.

Remarketing vs Retargeting

Or you can create remarketing lists in AdWords, doing it this way you then have to add the remarketing tag code to the pages on your site you are wanting to use.

These are the ways you can use remarketing in AdWords:

Remarketing with Display Network ad campaigns – Shows banner ads to your website visitors as they surf the web.

Remarketing lists for search ads – Shows ads to site visitors when they search on Google.

Dynamic Remarketing(only works if you have a Google Merchant Center account) – Show dynamically created ads to your sites visitors, generated by your Merchant Center account.

Remarketing for mobile apps – Reach users who have visited certain sections of your app.

Retargeting with AdRoll

AdRoll is a fantastic retargeting platform, they have their own display network and you can also run news feed, mobile or right hand column ads on Facebook all through the one interface.

Remarketing vs Retargeting

To get started with AdRoll you just need to sign up for the free trial, then add their tracking code to all pages on your site. Then it starts creating an audience from all of your website visitors.

You can create segments of your website traffic of which particular pages people have visited, then target those segments with specific ad campaigns.

You can also create URL based conversion points so you can track your success and improve on it. You can also filter out users who have already converted by not targeting users who have visited your order success or other conversion pages.

There is a full list of AdRoll’s features here.

We have had a lot of success with AdRoll and can highly recommend it as a retargeting platform for your business. It has an intuitive interface and very useful and easy to understand analytics.

Why you need Retargeting

Lets face it, retargeting and remarketing convert better than normal non-retargeted advertising campaigns. If you really want to maximise your ROI you should seriously give retargeting a go.

We have the technology to be able to remind people who did not buy your product at first to come back to your website and make that purchase. It just makes sense to take advantage of this to market your business.

If you are already running online campaigns or not it is well worth your while giving retargeting a try.

We can set up and run retargeting campaigns for you, feel free to enquire below.

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11 Things Every Blog Post Should Have

Need some blogging tips?

With posts on business blogs becoming so important as a tool for content marketing it’s essential to stand out from the crowd.

Unless your blog content is high quality you will just get drowned out amongst all of the millions of other mediocre blog posts. Make epic content and people will take notice, and share it for you.

This infographic from Copyblogger points out 11 essential things your blog posts should have.

11 Essential Ingredients Every Blog Post Needs [Infographic]

Use these tips next time you blog

Next time you are creating content for your blog make sure your post has these 11 essential ingredients and see what a difference it makes.

One of the most important elements in the list is having a catchy headline. A lot of the time if the headline doesn’t get the readers attention straight away they will just leave without reading further. Benefit based headlines usually work very well.

Here’s another great resource worth checking out: How to Write a Blog Post That Converts: The Definitive Guide

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Using Google Plus For Your Online Marketing

Make Google Plus Work For You

We just came across another great infographic from Quicksprout that is too good not to share.

It basically reinforces what I’ve been saying for a long time about Google+ and explains why you should be using Google+ to market your business online.

The infographic has some interesting stats about Google+, explains what it can do for you and gives tips on boosting your business on the Google Plus platform.

How to Use Google Plus for Marketing
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout


Google+ For SEO

Google+ is a part of the Google network, so as we pointed out in our article What’s All the Fuss About Google+ you really should be using it to your advantage to help send more search traffic to your website.

Using Google+ For Marketing

Optimising your Google+ page for the search engines is the first step, more importantly posting and promoting all of your new content on Google+ is a great way to attract more search traffic. Using hashtags wisely will also help get more eyes on your content.

We have been noticing posts on our Google+ pages have been getting indexed within a day or so, before the blog post they are linking to even gets indexed.

Authorship via your Google+ page

Linking your website and blog posts to your Google+ page allows you to have your profile picture from Google+ show up next to your website in the search results. This is known as Google Authorship. See example below.

Google Authorship
It’s been proven that search results with Google+ authorship profile pictures have a higher CTR(Click Through Rate) than ones with no images. Your listing will stand out plus the profile picture gives a more personal feel to your website – people like to work with and buy from people.

UPDATE: Within a day of publishing this article Google have announced they are removing Authorship photos and Google+ circle counts from the search results, which we think isn’t such good news for marketers. Your name will still appear though and it will still link to your Google+ profile.

This update has started rolling out already and has received quite a considerable backlash from webmasters. Apparently the change has been made to make the search results less cluttered.

There’s some more information about the change in these blog posts below:
Google Removes Authorship Photos and Google+ Circle Counts From Search

Google Drops Profile Photos, Google+ Circle Count From Authorship In Search

Google Removes Author Photos From Search: Why And What Does It Mean?


Like we’ve said before you would be silly not to be using Google+ for your online marketing. With it being so tightly woven into the Google network and search results it is probably the most important social media platform to help with your organic SEO(Search Engine Optimisation) efforts.

There has been some talk lately of Google+ being phased out but we don’t think this is going to be the case at all. Watch this space!

Got a question about Google+ or need help optimising your Google+ page, feel free to enquire below.

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VIPRE Internet Security & PCmover Deal

Save over $50 on VIPRE Internet Security & Laplink PCmover

ThreatTrack Security is offering another great VIPRE bundle deal. You can save over $50 on VIPRE Internet Security 2014 bundled with Laplink PCmover.

VIPRE Internet Security and Laplink PCmover deal

This deal is valid for VIPRE Internet Security for a 1 PC one year license and a PCmover Professional one PC one use (enables a transfer from 1 PC to 1 new PC).

This heavily discounted offer is only valid until July 30th 2014.

Protect Your PC without slowing it down

VIPRE offers a complete security solution for your PC, and has a low profile so it will not slow your computer down like other antivirus products will.

VIPRE Internet Security


It has a two way firewall that will help keep the hackers out, plus the fantastic Auto Patch feature that will automatically update any outdated and potentially vulnerable software on your computer.

We have been using VIPRE on all of our PC’s ever since it was released, it truly is a good antivirus solution and very affordable in comparison to other brands.

VIPRE Internet Security and Laplink PCmover deal


The Easy Way to Setup Your New PC

PCmover Professional by Laplink Software is an easy to use tool that allows you to transfer files, settings and programs seamlessly from your old computer to a new one.

There is now a version available for Windows 8, plus Laplink will offer you free transfer assistance if you need it.

PCmover makes setting up your new computer a breeze, it takes care of all of the hard work getting your files and settings the same as you had them previously. Simply install PCmover, follow through a simple setup wizard then sit back and relax.

Laplink PCmover Professional


Get your VIPRE & PCmover discount now

This promotion is only valid until July 30th 2014 so get it now while you still can. Keep your computer safe and sound with VIPRE, and easily move your existing computer’s files and settings with PCmover.

The two products total value is normally $109.94, so you save $59.95 on what you would normally pay. Click the button below to redeem this deal.

Save Over $50 On VIPRE & PCmoverNow Just $49.99 For Both Programs!  

Get Your Fans Creating & Sharing Content For You

User Generated Content Made Easy

This excellent infographic from Quicksprout gives some practical tips on how to get your fans and followers to create and share content for you. This will save you money on promoting your brand and will generate extra revenue for your business.

User generated content that is endorsing a brand has a massive influence over people, as shown in the infographic 51% of Americans trust user generated content more than actual company website content.

Just think about every time you go to research a product online, first thing you would normally do is a Google search for product reviews and look for user testimonials.

Another interesting statistic from the infographic is that there are 10 times more views on YouTube for user generated fan videos than for brand owned content.

How to Get Fans Creating and Sharing Content for You
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout



As you can see most user generated content comes about by simply asking your followers questions, engaging them to carry on a conversation and share their opinions.

Also asking your fans to re-share your content within your your actual post really does work. Just adding ‘retweet’ to one of your tweets can generate a much larger percentage of retweets.

Hopefully you can get some useful ideas from this infographic and learn how to make your fans and followers do some of the work for you.

If you have any other great ideas on ways to get fans sharing content for you, we would love to hear about it. Feel free to add a comment on this post. Ask About Social Media Management