Get $150 Google AdWords Credit

Bonus Google AdWords Credit

We have a very special offer for any new Google AdWords clients. Normally our vouchers offer $100 in free credit but until December 31st the voucher credit amount has been increased to $150.

We are able to offer this deal to you because we are a certified Google Partner.

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This offer only works on new Google AdWords accounts that are less than 14 days old. All you need to do is create an AdWords account, enter your billing details then apply the voucher code we provide to redeem your $150 credit. Please note you need to spend $50 first before the voucher credit is used.

What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords allows your customers to see your ads while they are doing a Google search, it’s those paid sections of ads you see at the top and down the side of the search results.

You only pay for the ad when someone clicks on it, and you are being seen by people actively searching for the keywords relating to your products.

Google AdWords also has a Display Network of websites, smartphone apps, videos and blogs that can show your banner/image/video ads to people you choose through various targeting options including remarketing.

You can advertise locally or globally, or choose specific regions to deliver your ads. You can even target within a set distance from your actual business location.

How your business benefits from advertising on Google AdWords

  • You can reach people already looking for your product type or service
  • Your ads can appear above the normal search results
  • AdWords can target people demographically, and via remarketing
  • Capture new leads and generate new sales
  • Run special and promotions deals using coupon codes
  • Target people on smartphones and show ads relevant to their location
  • Grow brand awareness via display banner ads
$150 AdWords Credit

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About Simon Dunn

Simon Dunn is the owner and lead Web Developer at Byron Bay Web Hosting. He is also a Google Adwords Certified Partner that specialises in online marketing solutions.