Google AdWords ad campaign setup discount!

HUGE discount off Google AdWords setup fee

We have gone a little bit crazy and have decided to offer a 60% discount off the Google AdWords ad campaign setup fee. Our AdWords setup fee is normally $99.95 – now with the discount it’s just $39.98, that’s a saving of $59.97! To get your 60% discount simply apply the coupon code ‘freeads‘ in the shopping cart. This offer is only valid until the 15th of March 2013.

We already offer all of our Google AdWords clients a free $100 incentive voucher to get your account started, you need to spend $25 before your $100 credit is activated. So basically you get $100 worth of free advertising on the Google AdWords network, plus the 60% discount off the setup fee.

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We will create an AdWords account for you and apply the $100 promo voucher once you have entered your billing details. The setup fee also includes us setting up your first ad campaign with two ad groups, with two ads in each ad group.

We will then manage and continually optimise your AdWords account and send you reports at the end of each month showing your account performance.  We will also give you our recommendations on how we can improve your campaigns each month to make you more money and increase your ROI. Implementation of our recommendations is included in the monthly fee.
Get Google AdWords SetupClaim your 60% discount using coupon 'freeads'


What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is an advertising platform that allows you to easily advertise your business online. The most common AdWords ads you will be familiar with are the ones that appear above and to the side of normal Google search results as pictured below:

AdWords ad demo

AdWords gives you the power to be able to appear above your competitors natural(organic) search listings so your site is much more likely to be clicked on. Even if your site is already ranking well for certain search terms you can use AdWords text ads to give you more coverage on the search engine result pages. In that scenario you are creating even better odds that you will get clicked on, and that this will result in a new sale or lead for your business.

We can also setup AdWords campaigns sending traffic directly to mobile optimised pages on your website so you can target the smart phone users. The growth of smart phone usage has been phenomenal, and people are constantly actively performing searches on their phones for products and places. What better setting to deliver them highly targeted ads about your business.

Banner(image) ads are another way you can advertise your brand on AdWords, we can create custom banner ads for you. Your banner ads then get displayed across the Google Display Network which is a huge network of websites that Google owns or leases advertising space on. We can hand pick websites to deliver your ads on that are within the right industry niche so they are more relevant. Here is an example of a banner ad:

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The power of Remarketing with Google AdWords & Google Analytics

One of the most effective tactics we can use to generate more sales on your website is to harness the power of Remarketing with AdWords & Analytics. We can create a remarketing audience list in Analytics of visitors to your website or to certain pages on your website and then deliver targeted banner ads directly to people on that list.

So once someone has visited a certain page or pages on your website we can track this behaviour and then deliver these people a certain banner ad about your product that we already know they have shown an interest in. This has proven to have a very high conversion rate, we can implement remarketing campaigns for you.

Have you ever visited a website then for the next month or so noticed that when you are surfing the web you keep on seeing banner ads for that product/website? This is remarketing, but don’t worry we can cap the frequency of how many times you are willing to display your banner ads to someone who is on your remarketing list.

So now is the time to take advantage of our 60% discount off our Google AdWords setup fee, the offer ends on 15/03/13.

Get Google AdWords SetupClaim your 60% discount using coupon 'freeads'


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