Google AdWords campaign setup and management

Google AdWords

Do you need help to advertise your business online? Google Adwords is the most effective and easiest way to get your business found online, even if your website does not already rank well organically in the search engine results. AdWords ads appear above, to the right and below search engine results – in the sections that are labelled ‘ads’. We can help you get your business listed in the best position possible in the AdWords ad sections so you will stand out from the crowd. This will drive highly targeted traffic directly to your landing pages on your website which will result in more sales/conversions.

We can also create banner ad campaigns for your business that will run on the Google Display Network. We can target your banner ad campaign precisely to the right segments using a combination of keywords, placements, topics, gender, age and remarketing.  Display Network campaigns are perfect for branding and bringing awareness to new products and services. It is possible to get a very large reach and we can target specific website placements(managed placements).

Get your Google AdWords campaigns set up and optimised by a Google Certified professional, we know how to continually optimise your ads to get you the best possible results to achieve your business goals. We also offer all of our clients a $100 AdWords incentive voucher, you need to spend $25 first then you receive $100 worth of free advertising from Google.  For more information about our AdWords management services please see our Google AdWords page on our website.

Get Google AdWordsWe set up and manage your ads


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Simon Dunn is the owner and lead Web Developer at Byron Bay Web Hosting. He also specialises in online marketing solutions.

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