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We are an Australian based digital agency who specialise in customised online marketing solutions. Search Engine Optimisation is our speciality.

We are now offering affordable SEO packages that truly work. Our 3 new SEO packages all include our very popular SEO Website Audit, plus an amount of hours included to implement our suggestions made in the SEO Audit.

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation Packages Australia

Using the latest cutting edge SEO techniques we can optimise your website to ensure you get the best possible rankings in the search engines.

We know exactly what it takes to get you results and drive more qualified traffic to your website.

Why You Need an SEO Package

You need professional Search Engine Optimisation for your website if you want to succeed online and beat your competition.

Search engines generally deliver the most overall traffic to websites, and it’s really good traffic because people are searching for the things that you offer.

Search Engine Optimisation

Without a well optimised website however you may not be getting found for all of the correct drivers of your business goals. We know how to identify these drivers then attract highly targeted traffic.

With a well optimised website you will be attracting traffic that will convert. In the long term an SEO campaign will work out much cheaper than paying for ongoing AdWords or Facebook ads.

The Benefits Of Search Engine Optimisation

  • Attract potential customers searching for what you offer
  • SEO can help you to beat your competitors
  • Gain more targeted traffic to your most important product pages
  • Search Engine Optimisation increases your ROI
  • Improve your brand awareness via more exposure
  • Increases your revenue, more traffic = more conversions
  • SEO is cost effective compared to other sources of paid traffic
  • SEO builds trust and credibility for your brand
  • SEO drives offline sales, people research online then buy in store
  • Professional SEO can allow you to reach new markets

Our three SEO Packages

Our three new SEO Packages all include our SEO Website Audit, plus an allocation of hours for the technical implementation of our suggestions made in the SEO Audit. See the pricing table below for more details.
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Get your website Search Engine Optimised now

To truly dominate your competitors online you need your website to be properly optimised, let us show you how.

Simply choose from one of our three affordable SEO packages, then we will do the rest. If you have any questions regarding our SEO packages please feel free to ask us here.


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Simon Dunn is the owner and lead Web Developer at Byron Bay Web Hosting. He also specialises in online marketing solutions.

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