Social Media Management with HootSuite

What is Hootsuite?

Social media management is a rapidly evolving service being offered through a host of software platforms by various internet marketing developers. HootSuite is one such service that offers a dashboard that allows users to manage, measure, and track activity over a broad range of social media platforms.

Such an ability would be useful to small businesses just beginning to set up their online presence, as well for any ongoing firm’s social media footprint, especially if they are communicated through multiple social media spaces.

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Firms as large as Seagate, Pepsico, Sony Music, CBS Interactive, and the World Wildlife Fund use HootSuite, but the software would be equally as useful to small businesses who prefer to manage their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Plus accounts all from one locale.

HootSuite Features

HootSuite features management tools for all of the major social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Foursquare, WordPress, and Mixi. It also includes an app directory that allows users to add more social media platforms to their dashboard like YouTube, Tumblr, MailChimp, and Flickr.

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Once these sites are added to a HootSuite dashboard, users can obtain a bird’s eye view of their overall social media footprint – an ideal situation if you are trying to manage your company’s online marketing strategy. From the dashboard, users can obtain Facebook Insights, Google Analytics, Twitter profile stats, click statuses, and an array of other analytic reports.

Audiences can be categorized into various teams or communities, so one type of message can go directly to your Twitter followers, while another message can go to those who might be reading on Facebook. The dashboard itself also has controls, so that various levels of your marketing team can share, post, or create new content, based on the level of access set by an administrator.

New communications can be created in message drafts, scheduled messages, and users can even upload .csv file content in bulk. The dashboard can even monitor RSS feeds, as well as any hashtags or “@”tags used with your company or product name. This feature allows you to see who is subscribing to you, and who is talking about your product or service.

The entire platform is security enhanced and requires logins for each device. Additionally, logins are required if you choose to allow certain types of access to your marketing team. These permissions allow you to not only protect your own information, but the information of target audiences to which you wish to send communications.

Trying it out

HootSuite is available as an app for iPhone, Android, and iPad devices. Users interested in trying out what HootSuite has to offer can choose between three versions: Basic, Pro, and Enterprise. Those who choose Enterprise will receive enhanced technical support, professional services, an account rep, compliance integration, geo-targeting, and custom invoicing.

Hootsuite Social Media Management

Additional resources are available for users to peruse as well, such as HootSuite University, a lecture and training series that helps those new to Internet marketing make the most out of their own social media strategy in tandem with HootSuite products. HootSuite also offers HootSuite guides, info papers, whitepapers, tips and tricks, video libraries, and webinars.

Perfect for those just starting out or companies with a well-defined track record for online marketing campaigns. HootSuite offers something for everybody at almost every experience level, from beginners to mid-tier companies to Fortune 500s in need of simplified analytics and bird’s eye view management of its online presence.

How Hootsuite will make managing your social media a breeze

  • All of your social media profiles can be accessed via the Hootsuite interface allowing you to streamline your social media campaigns
  • You can plan and schedule posts in advance on any of your social media channels which will help you improve productivity
  • Hootsuite has built in Analytics so you can easily view a cross section of how each of your social media channels are performing
  • Hootsuite Teams allow you to deliver large scale team management within your organisation
  • Hootsuite Conversations allow your team to communicate internally within the Hootsuite interface.
  • You can access Hootsuite via your iPhone, Android device or iPad using the Hootsuite App
  • You can track brand mentions across the social sphere, then be ready to join the conversation just at the right time
  • Managing your social media with ease

    Hootsuite will streamline your social media management for your brand being able to access and schedule posts for all of your accounts in the one place. No more multiple account logins, everything is all in the one easy to use inerafce.

    Make your social media management faster and smarter with Hootsuite. It connects to over 35 different social media platforms and allows you to make custom pre-written responses to save you time doing repetitive tasks.

    Hootsuite is suitable for large, medium or small organisations – even for sole traders. Get a Free Trial here now.


    Hootsuite is a rock solid and mature tool that allows you to win at social media with ease. It is definitely suited for use by a brand or business that has multiple social media channels and needs a way to streamline the management of them.

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