Social Signals and Search Engine Rankings

How Social Media Signals Impact Your Search Engine Rankings

We just came across this fantastic gifographic from Quicksprout which explains how your social media presence for your brand can positively affect your search engine rankings. In case you are wondering, a gifographic is basically an animated infographic.

Google and Bing both access and use data from your social media accounts and use this as a ranking factor. This allows them to rank the big brands with larger social media followings and engagement rates higher than much smaller businesses.

The bottom line is you really need to be building your following on social media for your brand, and engaging with your audience.

More social sharing of your brand’s content on your social media channels is going to benefit you with how your website ranks in the search engine results.

If you position yourself as an authority in your field then get influencers on social media sharing your content to their networks you should see some great results in growing your traffic. See the case studies in the gifographic below for an idea of what can be achieved.

How Social Signals Impact Search Engine Rankings
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How To get More Social Shares Of Your Content

Here’s a list of the key points in the gifographic above explaining how to increase your social media shares.

  • Sharing a URL(link) on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at 9am, 12pm, 3pm or 6pm EST you are more likely to get your content shared.
  • Social media followers are much more likely to engage if you ask a question in your post.
  • Putting on a competition can boost your engagement by up to 39%
  • Adding images to your posts is definitely going to increase your engagement quite substantially.
  • Asking people to vote can increase the likelihood of people liking your page considerably.
  • How to‘ and ‘top list‘ posts will most likely get more social media shares.
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If you aren’t already utilising social media channels to promote brand awareness and grow and engage your audience, now is the time to get busy!

As we have been saying for quite some time Google+ is the social media channel you need to be using to help with your organic search engine results. Being a part of Google it is very tightly woven into their whole network, there is no excuse not to be taking advantage of it to promote and grow your business online.

Facebook and Twitter are definitely excellent social media channels to use to build your brand, by following some of the tips above you will see an improvement in social media shares of your content. Also check out these two articles:

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