What is cPanel?

Not sure what cPanel® is? We explain it for you

cPanel® is the industry standard in web hosting management software. It is a very easy to use graphical web-based control panel that gives you the tools you need to manage and administer your own website via a web browser. You can create your own email addresses and FTP accounts quickly and easily. You can also setup email forwarders and access your web mail. cPanel® was designed to simplify complex tasks and make these tasks easily accessible to the end user.

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cPanel® has been around since 1996, it started out as being an in house control panel for a company named Speed Hosting in Houston Texas. By 1999 it was made public and started to be used by web hosting companies as the standard control panel software for their web hosting plans. Its easy to use interface and reliability have made it the standard choice for web hosting companies ever since.

If you have ever managed or administered a website before it’s highly likely you have already used cPanel®. Its popularity with web hosts is easy to understand once you have tried it yourself and seen how simple it makes web site management. The simple but effective graphic icons for each menu item give distinct visual clues as to what that menu item is about.

cPanel® Features

cPanel® has far too many features to mention all of them in this article, so we will just mention the ones we think are the most important and commonly used.

  • Email Accounts – Create your own email accounts associated with your own domain name
  • Webmail – Get access to your email accounts from any computer via a web browser when you are out of the office
  • SpamAssassin™ – Configure SpamAssassin™ to protect yourself from unwanted spam emails
  • Forwarders – Set up email forwarders to forward from one email address to another
  • Auto Responders – Set up out of office auto responder messages for your email accounts
  • Google Apps Wizard – Wizard application that automatically configures Google Apps on your domain
  • File Manager – Access the folder structure and files on your domain
  • FTP Accounts – Create and manage FTP accounts so you can upload and access your website files
  • Bandwidth – See the bandwidth useage of your website over different time periods
  • Error Log – Displays a list of any errors on your website, useful for locating issues and finding broken links
  • SSH/Shell Access – SSH allows secure file transfer and remote logins via the web
  • Hotlink Protection – You can stop people from being able to directly link to images or files on your site with this tool, this will save you bandwidth
  • Subdomains – Create subdomains of your domain, so you specify a prefix to go before your domain name
  • Addon Domains – If allowed on your web hosting plan you can add extra domains to your account
  • Parked Domains – Park or point additional domain names to your web hosting account
  • phpMyAdmin – Access and administer any MySQL databases you have with your websites
  • PHP Configuration – Lists what PHP settings are currently set on the server, these settings are only editable by the server administrator
  • Cron Jobs – Create Cron Jobs to automate scripts or commands on your website
  • Softaculous Apps Installer – Install and configure a number of third party scripts including blogging, shopping cart and forum software
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What is cPanel® hosting?

cPanel® hosting is a web hosting plan that is run via a cPanel® control panel. Once you have your own domain name you can then purchase a web hosting plan to setup your domain name on. You will find that the vast majority of web hosts use cPanel® as their control panel software for their customers.

cPanel® is very powerful and makes running your own website very easy once you learn to to use it. cPanel® has built in video tutorials that will help to guide you through anything you are unsure of. There is also a brilliant help section on the cPanel website.

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Why do you need cPanel®? hosting

If you are looking at getting a new website setup, cPanel® is an easy way to have access to the tools you need to run your own site and create email accounts for yourself and for your staff. You don’t need to be overly technically minded to be able to learn and use the basic features you need to administer your site. cPanel® gives you the power to manage and maintain your website with ease.

Having cPanel® access with your web hosting plan will give you the power to do things that normally you would need to rely on your web host or a website developer to do. This will empower you and allow you to do things like instantly create email adresses for new staff members the minute they start work.

How cPanel® will make running your website easy

  • You can efficiently manage and maintain your website via an easy to use graphical user interface
  • Quickly set up email accounts using POP, IMAP and SMTP protocols
  • Easily create FTP(File Transfer Protocol) accounts to enable access to your website
  • Access your Webmail while you are on the go via any web browser
  • Avoid annoying spam by taking advantage of SpamAssasin™ spam filtering
  • Install popular blogging scripts like WordPress or Drupal
  • Keep an eye on your Disk Space Useage and Monthly Bandwidth Transfer
  • Create and manage databases easily with phpMyAdmin
  • Easily install ecommerce scripts such as OpenCart, PrestaShop , Magento, osCommerce, Zen Cart and more
  • Make subdomains, addon domains, parked domains and redirects
  • Control any aspect of your website and hosting plan, any task is just a few clicks away


If you need a rock solid web management control panel to administer your next website project look no further than cPanel®. All of our 300% green web hosting plans run on the powerful cPanel® platform. cPanel® makes website management as simple as it should be and gives you the power you need to run your site. If you have any questions regarding cPanel® or our cPanel® hosting plans please feel free to submit an enquiry.

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