How To Write A Marketing Email That Converts

The Elements Of An Optimal Marketing Email

Lets face it, email marketing converts much better than many other mediums due to the fact you are targeting people who are already interested in your offering.

It makes sense to leverage email marketing to your advantage, this infographic from Quicksprout gives you some great tips on how to create a marketing email that converts.

The Anatomy of an Optimal Marketing Email
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout


Key take-away tips for optimising your Mailout

  • Create catchy subject lines including a clear CTA(call to action)
  • Avoid repetitive email subject lines
  • Optimise content to clearly convey your offer
  • Use appropriate images in your copy
  • Use short paragraphs and bullet points for ease of reading
  • Personalise content with name, location, company name etc
  • Use a CTA(Call To Action) with a button that stands out
  • Use mobile friendly email templates & landing pages

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