Save 50% On VIPRE – Two Years Of Total Protection

Protect Your PC and Android Device With VIPRE

VIPRE have another great deal running currently on their two flagship products. This deal offers you a massive 50% saving when you purchase this bundle containing VIPRE Internet Security 2014 & VIPRE Mobile Security.

Save 50% On VIPRE
The normal price for 2 years of protection with these two products is $139.96, so you save half of that and get the whole lot for only $69.98. The promotion is valid until September 19th 2014, so you will need to get it before that date.

VIPRE Internet Security

Here at Byron bay Web Hosting we love VIPRE products and have been personally using them ever since they were first released many years ago.

VIPRE Internet Security
VIPRE Internet Security 2014 is the current version of their popular and robust anti virus, anti spyware and firewall software. It also includes online security, spam filtering, removable device scanning, anti rootkit technology, a history cleaner and an auto update software patching tool.

The auto update patching tool is probably one of our favourite features, it scans your computer regularly for any outdated software. It then locates any patches that are available if you do have outdated software and automatically applies them and updates all of your software – all with the click of one button.

VIPRE Mobile Security

VIPRE Mobile Security is their anti virus technology specifically designed to protect your Android Mobile devices. VIPRE Mobile Security will help to protect your mobile Android device from hackers, viruses, data loss, malicious software and malware.

Save on VIPRE Mobile Security
Generally speaking the Android OS is a bit more susceptible to hacking attempts than iOS, so it makes perfect sense to run a dedicated anti virus solution on your Android. We explained the features of VIPRE Mobile Security in this article Android Anti Virus.

Your Digital life Is Secure With VIPRE

With VIPRE Internet Security & VIPRE Mobile you can feel safer and be confident in knowing that your private data is protected.

VIPRE takes care of your digital life, save 50% with this VIPRE deal now.

Save 50% on 2 Years of VIPRE Now  

VIPRE Internet Security & PCmover Deal

Save over $50 on VIPRE Internet Security & Laplink PCmover

ThreatTrack Security is offering another great VIPRE bundle deal. You can save over $50 on VIPRE Internet Security 2014 bundled with Laplink PCmover.

VIPRE Internet Security and Laplink PCmover deal

This deal is valid for VIPRE Internet Security for a 1 PC one year license and a PCmover Professional one PC one use (enables a transfer from 1 PC to 1 new PC).

This heavily discounted offer is only valid until July 30th 2014.

Protect Your PC without slowing it down

VIPRE offers a complete security solution for your PC, and has a low profile so it will not slow your computer down like other antivirus products will.

VIPRE Internet Security


It has a two way firewall that will help keep the hackers out, plus the fantastic Auto Patch feature that will automatically update any outdated and potentially vulnerable software on your computer.

We have been using VIPRE on all of our PC’s ever since it was released, it truly is a good antivirus solution and very affordable in comparison to other brands.

VIPRE Internet Security and Laplink PCmover deal


The Easy Way to Setup Your New PC

PCmover Professional by Laplink Software is an easy to use tool that allows you to transfer files, settings and programs seamlessly from your old computer to a new one.

There is now a version available for Windows 8, plus Laplink will offer you free transfer assistance if you need it.

PCmover makes setting up your new computer a breeze, it takes care of all of the hard work getting your files and settings the same as you had them previously. Simply install PCmover, follow through a simple setup wizard then sit back and relax.

Laplink PCmover Professional


Get your VIPRE & PCmover discount now

This promotion is only valid until July 30th 2014 so get it now while you still can. Keep your computer safe and sound with VIPRE, and easily move your existing computer’s files and settings with PCmover.

The two products total value is normally $109.94, so you save $59.95 on what you would normally pay. Click the button below to redeem this deal.

Save Over $50 On VIPRE & PCmoverNow Just $49.99 For Both Programs!  

VIPRE Internet Security 10 PC License Discount

Get a 30% discount on a VIPRE 10 PC license

Until June 20th 2014 you can get a VIPRE Internet Security 10 PC license for only $49.99.

That saves you $20 off the cost of being able to protect up to 10 computers from all of the most current malware and security threats.

VIPRE 10 PC License Discount


Avoid Out Of Date Software

With VIPRE’s built in Auto Patch Software Update Tool you can rest assured all of your software will be running the most current and secure version.

The software update tool scans the programs installed on your computer, then checks online to see if there is a newer update or security patch for your programs.

Auto Patch Software Update Tool

It then gives you a list of any programs that have updates available, and asks you if you’d like to update them. It then automatically downloads and applies the patches to your software.

We have been using VIPRE ever since it was released and have watched it progress. The Auto Patch tool is definitely one of our favourite new features, you’ll never have to worry about doing software updates for installed programs ever again.

Protect all of the computers in your home

With the 10 PC license you can easily protect all of the computers in your family home.

Protect your computers

You will be able to sleep easier knowing your personal information stored on your computers is protected from hackers and viruses. VIPRE has built in active protection that keeps you safe while browsing the Internet.

It also includes a firewall that keeps unwanted intrusions out, and is easy to configure.

Plus VIPRE can be setup to do scheduled scans on your computer daily, so you can set it to run a deep virus scan at a time that is convenient for you.

Save $20 on VIPRE


How VIPRE will help to put your mind at ease

  • VIPRE scans your computer daily and will remove viruses
  • It has a built in Firewall to keep intruders out
  • Active protection keeps you safe surfing the web
  • The Auto Update tool patches out of date software
  • VIPRE doesn’t slow down your computer like other antivirus programs
  • The inbuilt email scanner will keep your emails safe
  • Free technical support from VIPRE is included
  • The Bad Website Blocker blocks access to known malicious websites
  • The Secure File Erase will safely permanently delete files for you

Get your 30% discount on VIPRE now

Save $20 on the cost of protecting all of your home computers now with the VIPRE 10 PC discount. This deal expires on June 20th 2014, get it now while you still can.

Save 30% On VIPRE Internet SecurityNow Just $49.99 To Protect 10 Computers!  

Save $60 On Antivirus and Online Backup Solutions

Save what you love, Love what you Save

VIPRE Antivirus have a deal on currently to save you $60 when you buy VIPRE Internet Security 2014 in conjunction with Carbonite Online Backup. Normally this would cost you $109.98 to get both products, this promotion brings the price down to only $49.98.

Vipre Carbonite Online Backup

VIPRE Antivirus & VIPRE Internet Security 2014

VIPRE is a full antivirus and anti-spyware solution that helps protect your computer from online and offline threats. We use VIPRE here at Byron Bay Web Hosting on all of our PC’s to keep us protected.

VIPRE Antivirus

One of the features we really like is the Auto Patch, which checks for software updates for any programs you have installed on your computer.

If any updates are found VIPRE will download them for you and seamlessly apply them to the programs on your computer that needed updating. Outdated software can contain vulnerabilities that may leave your computer open to be attacked.

VIPRE Auto Patch settings

Carbonite Online Backup

Carbonite is an online backup solution that allows you to keep your data safely backed up and synced across your devices. You can simply and easily backup your files to the cloud from your computer to ensure your data is always safe from hardware failure.

Backups are automatic and fully customisable to suit your needs. You can also seamlessly recover your files from your backup in the cloud if you ever need to.

Carbonite Online Backup

Get VIPRE and Carbonite Now

VIPRE 2 Years For New Years

Get 1 Year of Free Protection with VIPRE Internet Security

It’s that time of year again, you can get 1 extra year free when you buy a VIPRE Internet Security license. This deal is only valid up until January 31st 2014 so best move quick if you want to take advantage of it.

VIPRE 2 Years For New Years sale 2014

VIPRE protects your computer from viruses, hackers, cyber crime, software vulnerabilities, malicious websites and malware.

VIPRE is very light on system resources so it doesn’t slow your computer down and use up too much memory like many other antivirus programs have a tendency to do.

Get VIPRE Internet Security